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Guaixiang: corporate executives granted only 2000 yuan credit line Recently, the reporter visited a number of banks in Guangzhou. A joint-stock bank credit card Commissioner Liu told reporters, "This phenomenon does from time to time occur, I worked for a company's financial CEOs and financial officers to apply for credit cards at the same time, the report to the head office, the the ordinary financial staff card batch down financial CEOs did not grant. " Insiders said that, fill in application form is incomplete, inadequate materials, the telephone visit found strong willingness the serious adverse records are Bank Credit Card CITIC refused, and the amount, with a letter too high and too low liabilities ratio is too high lead to the consideration of the Bank approved amount. Recently, there is a similar microblogging forwarding. A netizen said, As entrepreneurs husband has been a state-owned line credit card center refused to do the card, she applied for the credit card batch down the amount of only 2,000 yuan, "My husband and I apply for a bank, multi-currency credit cards results husband unexpectedly rejected! who is a director of the corporate sector has only been approved the amount of 2000 yuan! "the user said. . A lot of friends and applicants questioned, obviously in accordance with the requirements of the Bank submitted an application and prove, they either refused either to obtain a line of credit with its income is very inconsistent. Yesterday, the public Miss Lee told reporters complained that she had to apply to a joint-stock banks actually refused a credit card, this, Miss Lee said he was not understanding: my annual income of 20 million yuan, job stability, credit history has been well, why do credit cards rejected? "reporter learned that, at the same time, she apply for the credit card in the other joint-stock banks granted according to schedule down, the amount of 2 million. Banks can query related systems related to the applicant's card application record, repayment record, If you apply for too many credit cards or cards with too little will become the bank consider the reason of the number of credits granted to you. "Experts remind, usually pay attention to maintain their own credit history. Recently, some friends called microblogging Tucao As a the company CEOs husband went so far refused to apply for a bank credit card, and her own as a department director, also only approved the amount of $ 2,000. Bank insiders said the level of credit card limit is approved or not, and income stability card situation Text / reporter Li Jing Xuan